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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  December 19, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a van crashes into an east bay church at the end of a holiday service. what it just narrowly missed. it could be a turning point for north korea and the world. the sudden death of kim jong-il and who is set to succeed him. it's monday, december 19. i'm dennis o'donnell. frank has -- frank has the day off. >> i was coming home last night from auburn and it was the prettiest sunset a little haze that illuminated the entire countryside. >> are you from auburn? >> i frequent auburn on occasion. when you live in san francisco in a condo with two kids, you
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have to get away. lawrence is also off today so i'm filling in for him on the weather front today. and yeah, here's a look at our hi-def doppler. if you'red hadding into work early this morning like us, may see a couple of passing sprinkles but this should be wrapping up in the next half hour and that high pressure holding steady so sunshine by this afternoon the we'll have a look at your seven-day forecast coming up. but first the traffic. here's gianna. >> thank you, liz. south 280 at farm hill boulevard that off-ramp block, we'll have more details coming up. back to you. >> thank you. >> this morning a van crashed into a building as people were leaving a service. >> gil diaz is in rodeo with the damage. gil, it was lucky nobody was hurt. >> reporter: yeah. lucky, dennis, that no one was
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hurt. there were people behind the other side of this plywood just moments. this happened just before 10:00. this is the full gospel fellowship. the van went across the parking lot across the grassy area into the children's nursery. there were people in the nursery just before the accident. a special holiday service had just wrapped up at the church. the van began smoking after it crashed into the nursery. the fire units arrived at the scene, but the van stopped smoking or maybe it just never smoked at all. but they did stick around because there is extensive damage to the church and they were afraid about the structural damage. one church-goer said god must have been looking over us tonight because there were no
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injuries to report. the van destroyed a parking lot concrete slab and you might be able to see tire tracks here still this morning, the shadow from our lighting. you might see tire tracks and right into the nursery but yeah, no one was injured. interestingly enough, dennis and grace, the church-goers would not identify hot van driver was. -- who the van driver with you was chp was. back to you. >> do they know what happened? >> reporter: i don't want to assume things. maybe they just stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. maybe the driver was a church- goer. maybe they were embarrassed so no one wanted to say who it was. >> thank you, gil diaz. there is a lot of
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uncertainty in asia after north korea announced the death of its leader kim jong-il. >> south carolina's military is on high -- south korea's military is on high precaution. tara mergener reports. >> reporter: in the capital of pyongyang, north koreans openly wept over the death of their long-time leader kim jong-il. men and women broke down after hearing he died saturday. as the communist country mourns, his sudden death is urging his people to rally behind the heir apparent, kim jong un, in his 20s, kim jong- il's third son. >> he has a western education. but we don't know what kind of leader he is going to be. we don't know what direction he is going to take the country. >> reporter: immediately following news of kim's death, japan set up a crisis team
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while south korea the north's long-time enemy put its military on high alert. president obama called south korea's president overnight. he reaffirmed the u.s.' commitment to south korea's security and the overall stability to the region. kim's death comes days after u.s. and north korean officials discussed possibly resuming food aid to the country. the u.s. was set to announce a deal this week that could have included a pledge to north korea that could have stopped a controversial uranium enrichment comparable. >> the deal will go forward and slow down. they are unlikely is what i would say to give up their nuclear program but they may freeze it for a while. >> reporter: before any decision is made, north korea will likely first bury its leader. his funeral is december 28. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. concerns about north korea are partly to blame for today's tumble in asia's major stock
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markets. south korea's kospi fell 3.5%. nikkei off over 1%. the markets were already expected to fall because of ongoing uncertainty about the european debt crisis. the last american troops are now out of iraq. a convoy rolled across the kuwaiti border yesterday that ended the drawdown that saw the united states go from 50,000 troops in august to 0 now. the top u.s. general in iraq stopped by to wish the soldiers well and looking ahead, he said he is optimistic that the iraqis can manage their own affairs. >> i'm very hopeful that things will continue to move in the right direction. it's going to take the iraqi government and people to continue to make the right decisions, work together. >> the officers planning the last troop movements in iraq were concerned about potential attacks from iranian-backed militias that are active in the south but fortunately, the five- hour drive to the border went smoothly. a group of california
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national guard troops are just home from afghanistan. the unit arrived in san jose last night as well as oakland and san francisco. they spent nearly a year in afghanistan. a welcoming committee greeted they at the airport with expressions of joy and relief. >> i want to thank everybody for their prayers an thoughts and i just want to thank everybody for believing in us and happy to be home. >> one member of the company was killed in combat. the body of specialist sean walsh was returned to the bay area for burial last month. he was the 29th california national guardsman to be killed in afghanistan or iraq. san francisco police chief greg suhr will hole a community meeting this -- hold a community meeting this afternoon to discuss a deadly police shooting last wednesday after officers shot a man who they say opened fire on them during a traffic stop on larkin
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street. 6 people are in custody after a police shootout in menlo park. police say a group of armed men fired shots at them early yesterday just outside a home on holly vern avenue. one officer returned fire. no one was hit. s.w.a.t. teams and the chp searched yards and found two rifles and three handguns. so far, three men from east palo alto have been charged. san jose police say that they have credible evidence that the man accused of killing a fellow hells angels member was spotted in the city. authorities say steve ruiz fatally the man in october in san jose. rewheeze is believed to be armed and dangerous. a local labor group is standing by oakland mayor jean quan opposing the recall effort. the oakland-based alameda labor council will hold a news conference this morning. the group says a recall of quan
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would distract attention from efforts to deal with the city's economic problems. quan's critics have begun circulating a recall petition. they need about 20,000 valid signatures from registered oakland voters to put recall on a citywide ballot. pretty clear, a little bit of sprinkles here and there. >> not enough. >> not enough. >> it's very light sprinkles. no windshield wipers needed. a few passing sprinkles out there right now. now, they should be clearing up here very shortly within the hour. so if you are about to head out, here's a look at your current temperatures outside. mostly in the 40s right now so actually a little more mild today than yesterday. temperatures not too bad. 48 in oakland, 42 in vallejo and looks like a cold spot right now is 37 degrees in fairfield. here's what's going on on the satellite and radar. we have a very weak low pressure system moving through right now. this should be clearing up very
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shortly and then high pressure remains in control. really looks to be the case really throughout the remainder of the week. we're even seeing sunshine this afternoon. here's a look at your pinpoint forecast. these temperatures for later on today. mostly climbing into the 50s, 60s in some spots. 62 santa rosa. 61 napa, and 61 degrees later on today in mountain view. so taking a look over the next couple of days, like i said, high pressure remains in force through christmas. monday and tuesday, highs mostly in the 60s inland and looking over the next seven days, you can see even sunshine in effect on saturday and on sunday for your christmas holiday. we'll have much more weather coming up. in the meantime, let's get an update on your traffic. >> i can vouch for that. i saw sprinkles on my windshield. >> i believe you! >> there's some troubles out there on the roads. here's a live look at 880. so far 880 near oakland not too bad. south of there we have an
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accident southbound 880 at a street. all the activity on the right shoulder. lots of green, doesn't look like any problems. south 280 at farm hill boulevard off-ramp blocked right now for a fatal accident that happened overnight. now, it is in the clearing stages. they are hoping to have the ramp reopened, slight delays on 280 for spectator slowing. live at 101 through millbrae along the peninsula, not too bad. traffic light through here this morning so an easy ride towards sfo. that's a look at your drive. back to you guys. >> tough crowd. >> i don't think anybody believes you this morning, grace. [ laughter ] >> i'm in your corner. >> good thing i'm not doing the weather. 4:41. it's the one thing standing in the way of a middle class tax cut. the house's surprise rejection. >> and facebook moves into a new neighborhood. how the social network is about to get even more social. and making sure that christmas package gets to grandma's. the advice for all you pro crack naturers on the busiest -- procrastinators on busiest mailing day of the year.
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vaclav havel (vahts'-lahv) l {hah-vel}. the czech government meets today to declare a period of mourning for former president havel. he was the hero of the so- called velvet revolution the peaceful transition that split czechoslovakia into two countries. he was award the medal of freedom by president bush. a bill would extend payroll tax cuts and jobless benefits by two months. the senate passed it but the republicans in the household the majority and party leadership says a two-month extension is not long enough. >> two months is just kick be
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the can down the road. frankly, we are all tired of it. >> there is a chance house republicans could make changes to the bill but senate majority leader harry reid says the senate is already on vacation and will not return to vote on a revised bill. the current payroll tax cut and jobless benefits are due to expire on new year's day. today facebook finishes its move into a new headquarters in menlo park. 2,000 employees will be in the same complex for the first time. for the past 2.5 years, the company has been split into two buildings and a 10-minute walk apart in palo alto. facebook chief operating officer sheryl sandberg hopes having everyone on the same corporate campus will enhance communications. today san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to veto a measure on sharp park. the board of supervisors wants to explore transferring management to the national park service but the mayor is against it saying it would spell the end of the 18-hole
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gem of a golf course. environmentalists want to return the course to its natural state to protect two species, the red-leg frog and the san francisco garter snake. if you still have christmas gifts to mail, you better get started including my two kids. it's still at home. i was going to bring them to work today and throw them in the mailbox. you have five days left. >> time is running out. today is the busiest mailing day of the year for the post office. it will handle 801 million pieces of mail. the post offices in southern california even opened its doors yesterday afternoon to help customers with the holiday rush. there was also one open in the marina. crowded! if you haven't sent your gifts yet, here's the deadline. shipments heading out by first class mail need to be at the post office no later than tomorrow. priority mail has to be out on wednesday. express mail has to be at the post office by thursday. fedex and u.p.s. will still guarantee delivery by christmas until december 23.
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got that? >> oh, i always have that. that's when i shop. [ laughter ] >> children are apparently not the only ones writing to santa. the tough economy prompted more parents to send a letter to mr. claus. the u.s. postal service sorts millions of letters each year from needy children so good samaritans can buy gifts but this year postal workers say they have seen a spike in letters from parents and grandparents asking for help. thousands of bay area nurses prepare to go on strike. how the holiday could affect their planned walkout. >> and why lawrence karnow really is off today. [ laughter ] the lions crushed the raiders in a thrilling comeback. they lost it all in the final seconds. >> you're bringing a videogame to life. >> a dream come true for fans of mario cart what it took to bring a favorite kids videogame to the streets. and low clouds keeping
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things on the mild side today. in fact our temperatures a few degrees warmer than yesterday. a full look at your seven-day forecast after the break. ,,
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giant distribution line, jut off interstate 80. a water main break in san pablo was caused by the rupture of a giant distribution line off interstate 80. the 60" east bay m.u.d. water main burst saturday morning sending mud and debris into backyards and garages. once the water stopped flowing, another pipe was discovered in the torn-up pavement. it belongs to nearby conocophillips refinery. many neighbors were upset to learn that pipelines carrying flammable fuel are running through their neighborhoods. conocophillips says the line is safe but some of its contents have been temporarily drained as a precaution. bodies are still being found from that horrific storm in the philippines. more than 700 people are now confirmed dead. at least 800 others are
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reported missing. tropical storm washi caused flash floods in a southern region that isn't usually hit by storms like other parts of the philippines. most victims were asleep friday when the floods struck and many were washed away. a life-threatening snowstorm is expected to hit the southern great plains today. forecasters say blizzard conditions could stretch from new mexico to kansas. some places getting up to 15" of snow. the storm is expected to move out of the region by midday tomorrow. so we did find your snow, dennis. >> have to go to the east coast it get it. a little snow envy going on. >> rain not good enough? >> i'll take that, too. rain has moved out. traveling today overnight we had a few light sprinkles certainly not a rainout. that should be pretty much passing out of our area and we're left with a good start for the morning. out the door a few low clouds a
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little bit of valley fog out there keeping our temperatures mild. in fact, a few degrees warmer than we saw yesterday. mostly in the 40s around the bay area. cloudy start in the upper 40s, low 40s in some spots. this afternoon edge clue to the 50s and 60s in some spots but we would even see -- we're expecting to see some sunshine by later on this afternoon. so our satellite and radar picture kind of telling us what's going on. this is that weak low that's moving out, moving towards the southeast and high pressure remains in effect and really expected to be here throughout the week including through your christmas holiday. it is a "spare the air" day. no burning wood. this afternoon, temperatures not too bad for this time of the year. we're slightly positive average in some spots. 61 in mountain view. 58 in redwood city. 53 in pacifica. heading out towards the east
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bay, again, upper 50s. 61 in napa. over towards the north bay, 60 in san rafael, 58 kentfield and 57 is your expected high in san leandro. so once again taking a look over the next several days, no rain in sight. pretty much sunshine, mild conditions. so yeah, we're not looking too bad. if you don't like the rain that's the good news and it continues through saturday and on into sunday. so we'll have much more weather coming up. in the meantime, let's check traffic with gianna. >> we have some good now to report. we have been monitoring this accident in woodside at about 2:30 this morning. southbound 280 right at farm hill boulevard. the off-ramp was shut down for some time. there was a fatality in this accident. now all lanes are reopened. i just checked in with chp and you can see traffic easing up a bit on the main lines. but again the farm hill boulevard off-ramp from south 280 is now open. roadwork in effect eastbound 92 at northbound 280 that connector road is closed. that will be there until 7:00 this morning. elsewhere, south 880 at a street, look out for an accident just cleared off to
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the right shoulder. no delays along 880. here's a live look through 880 near oakland. traffic looks good in both directions. if you are work your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays. everything clear at the pay gates. you're clear across the upper deck into san francisco. there is roadwork though planned later on today on the lower deck of the bay bridge. starts around 7 a.m. and continues to about 1:45. various lanes blocked and at times we might see delays through there. golden gate bridge off to a good start. they are doing the lane changes so no delays out of marin county on the south 101 ride into the city. and elsewhere check the south bay 880/237 connector all free and clear both directions and over to 101 as you work your way to the south bay right at mckee, looks like traffic is moving along very nicely through san jose. that's a look at your drive. back to you guys. >> gianna, here's an early holiday gift for drivers. gas prices are going down. the lundberg survey says the average price dropped per gallon about 5 cents over the past two weeks. now, nationwide, the average
4:55 am
price of regular is 3.24. of the cities surveyed san francisco paid the most at an average of 3.57 a gallon. you'll find the cheapest gas in albuquerque, new mexico. they are paying $2.83. some bay area hospitals are gearing up for another one day nurse strike this week. about 4,000 nurses are set to walk off the job thursday at eight hospitals in the sutter health chain. a dispute over sick leave is one of the main issues for them. sutter will lock them out the following day but have them return on saturday. the raiders could not hold that 13-point lead against the detroit lions in the 4th quarter yesterday in oakland. >> devastating. they are still in the hunt but it hurt. aaron curry of the raiders returned a fumble for a touchdown to make it 27-24 with less than 8 minutes left. but then! lions quarterback matthew stafford two long score drives.
4:56 am
a six-yard touchdown pass to calvin johnson with 39 seconds remaining. johnson had 214 yards receiving for the game. final score, lions 28, raiders 27. tonight, the 49ers will play the final home game of the regular season hosting the pittsburgh steelers at the stick. they are trying to trying to secure first round buys. coverage begins at 4:30 with kickoff at 5:30 in the middle of the rush hour on highway 101. so transportation officials are urging fans and commuters to carpool or take public transportation. >> long day for you. >> yeah. as a matter of fact, i'll be doing the pre-game show, the post-game show. i'll be back here tomorrow morning. >> busiest man in california. >> yes and a lot of caffeine, believe me. a favorite kids videogame brought to life. >> this is for the launch of mario kart 7 nintendo hiring a company to build two life-sized cars for the videogame.
4:57 am
west coast customs a body shop for building cars had 30 days to build them. now, these cars don't look quite as fast as the ones in the videogame. they only go 30 miles per hour. >> are they street legal? >> i don't know. at least they only go 30 miles an hour. >> i'd like to see that in the kpix parking garage. >> if you could fit it between the poles. >> right. [ laughter ] troops come home. the emotional return for them and their families. south korea military on high alert this morning following the death of north korea's leader. i'm tara mergener in washington. details coming up. and a man plows into a bay area church. what it just narrowly missed. oakland's mayor gets some support. why one group is fighting a recall against jean quan.
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